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Redeemed Christian Church Of God Hymn.epub

Redeemed Christian Church Of God Hymn The hymnal is the official hymnal of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. It was published in 1995, revised in 2005, and was designed to be more accessible and inexpensive than the popular Praise Hymnal, but it retained the basic structure and the music from the Praise Hymnal. This Hymnal is a very good place for you to start if you have not started using a hymnal. See below for some basic instructions on how to work with this hymnal. In the development of the RCCG hymnal, the hymnal committee worked from the standpoint of the body, with the whole body of the RCCG as its primary focus. And from the outset, the committee worked for the unity and effectiveness of the body of the RCCG. In developing the hymnal, the committee has taken as a given that the purpose of the hymnal is for praise and worship, but that it also serves as a convenient hymnal for more comprehensive use in a worshiping congregation. As a hymnal for the whole body of the RCCG, the hymnal makes available all hymns composed within the span of the life of the church. For the purpose of developing the hymnal, the committee did not take into account specific style requirements in hymnal music. The collection of hymns in this hymnal gives expression to the richness of the life of the RCCG. The basis of the hymnal is a body of hymns and tunes that is relevant to the life and ministry of the RCCG. The committee has sought to make the whole body of the RCCG better known by presenting to the church a fuller body of music, more effectively. In the process of developing this hymnal, we give thanks to God for His love, His peace and His guidance throughout the work. We also give thanks to God for His support in the work of the committee. An Explanation of the New Style of Hymnal The hymnal should not be confused with a "Hymnal" as we have come to know it in the West. For the understanding of this article, the term "Hymnal" as it applies to the RCCG ac619d1d87

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